Hopsie Daisy Brewing Company is a Swedish micro brewery founded in 2016. Their main focus is to make modern hoppy ales with high flavours with the aim to please both craft beer aficionados as well as the curious ale rookie. Or as the founder and brewer, Erika Parneborg like to call it: ”Awesome craft beer for misfits like you – and me”.

Our work with Hopsie Daisy started out in may 2016 with the task to build a brand that reflected the company’s vision. In this case a two-step process – logotype and graphic guidelines for the brewery and a design concept for the packaging. The brief was to find an expressive design that stands out and tells a story, that is cocky but including.

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The client wanted a clean logo. It should hold it’s own but not be the main brand identifier on the label.

The logo consists of the daisy, which we chose to illustrate with only straight lines to give it a rough, quirky an almost uncomfortable appearance. And the name written in letters of various sizes to communicate an unruly feeling and a sense of unwillingness to fall in line. All to symbolize the vision of a beer for all of us who doesn’t fit in: ”For misfits like you – and me”

To be able to be flexible with the colors on the label, we chose to limit the colors in the brand guideline. In the brewing industry it’s common to measure the color of beer using a method called the EBC scale. The scale goes from lightest (yellow) to darkest (black) which also became our main colors. Yellow and black.


The goal with the labels was to make each beer unique whilst still following a distinct theme. We chose to build the concept upon the idea that a unique personality/character, a misfit if you will, would represent each beer. With it’s particular appearance, he or she would represent the content of the bottle: The idea, style and taste of each beer.

The characters are illustrated with only straight lines, a style that’s distinguishable and in tune with the daisy in the logo. This allows us to vary the colors and subjects on the labels while still maintaining a distinct visual identity throughout the brands product line.

The literal meaning of misfit – to not be able to fit in is also something that our characters struggle with on the labels. Literally. The characters’ poses, clothes and accessories all serve to highlight the style of the beers.

This is a celebration to all the ”misfits” who are not affraid to stand out and go their own way.

Hopsie Daisy Brewing Company

Gävle, Sweden

To build a graphic identity that reflects the companys’ tag line ”Awesome craft beer for misfits like you – and me”. Logotype and graphic guide lines, design concept for labels and packshots.

Packaging design

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